Femdom Toilet - Cruel toilet mistresses use their slaves - Page 6

This guy annoyed mistress Lola so much that she could not help but shit on him. She did not want him to think that she was ok with the things he did and that is why she used her shit because she knew it was an extreme punishment and he would freak out when she used it on him. That way, he would fear her and never try to mess with her.

Madam Tulpan does not like cowards. When she noticed that this guy was a coward, she knew it was time to make him grow a pair. And that is why she turned him into a human toilet and fed him shit. She also gave him pee to drink and made sure that he was degraded like he deserved to be. He was ashamed and degraded that he had to try and overcome his fears and work on his strength so that he stopped being a coward.

Mistress Zephy knew that it would be easy to degrade this guy using her hot ass. And that is why she put it front and center of her punishment. The mistress used it to bait him and once he had taken the bait, she pretended to be pleasing him by flirting and teasing him but then he was shocked when she took a shit on him and she rubbed it all over his face.

Mistress Medea could not believe the shit this guy had done and she had to punish him. So she made sure that he got what he deserved. That is how she slapped the crap out of him and when he thought that was the end of it, she went ahead to make him drink her pee and eat her shit. He never messed again as he knew the price to pay.

This mistress loves to torture and to punish people who try to mess with her. This guy tried and he learned his lesson the hard way when she turned on him and she punished him for what he had done. He was shocked at how cruel she could be since she used him as a human ashtray after which she turned him into a human toilet. He ran away never to be seen by her.

Mistress Gaia realized that this woman was drunk and so she took advantage of her. She made her thing that she had done something bad and it was only mistress Gaia who could help him. And so her prize for helping her was to eat her shit and the woman was so scared that she agreed to do what mistress Gaia asked her to do so that she did not suffer any consequences.

Lady Milana did not want this guy to think that she could not punish him. She went on to dominate and humiliate him as much as she could and then she forced him to eat her shit. He had to learn that she was the kind of person who did not tolerate nonsense and if he knew what was good for him, then he should never try her as he would regret it.

Mistress Anna had to fire her assistant because he had gotten lazy and he was not keeping secrets. She had no more use for him and so she fired his ass and immediately after, she turned him into her human toilet as he was no longer her employee. She made him eat her poo and told him that that was his bonus for the shitty work he had been doing.

This mistress had caught this loser doing the kind of thing she abhorred. She did not hold back as she punished him to make sure it never happened again. The mistress used her shit and her pee to punish him and he did not see it coming. He had never been made to eat poo or to drink pee before and it was the worst punishment he had ever gotten.

Because her slave had been making shitty mistakes, mistress Mummy chose to give him shit for breakfast. And she served it to him hot. She made him eat the poo directly from her asshole and she did not care what he felt. The mistress also peed on him and asked him to wash down the shit with her pee. Without saying a word, she had punished and changed the guy.

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