Femdom Toilet - Cruel toilet mistresses use their slaves - Page 17

Lady Domi and lady Kimi had a score to settle with this guy. He had pissed them off and they were not going to let him get away with it. The mistresses chose to use a method of punishment that he would never forget for as long as he lived. The mistresses took a shit on the guy and forced him to eat all of it and lick some from their butts.

This mistress loves to shit. It is her number one pastime and she enjoys to do it any chance she gets. The mistress met this guy who clearly wanted to nail her and he did not even hide it. She was fascinated by his balls and she was tempted to fuck him but when she noticed he had a small dick, she turned round and shit on him instead of fucking him.

Mistress Gaia let this loser accumulate mistakes and she punished him once for all of them. She did not want to punish him for small mistakes. She did so for the big ones and she cruelly punished him for what he had done. She had fun making him a toilet slave and he could not do anything about it. He had to endure the punishment and avoid future punishments by making sure he did not mess up.

Lady Bianc wanted to see how much of a crush this guy had on her. She tested him and he passed all the tests. She had one last test which if he passed, she was willing to let him even fuck her as he would have deserved it. So she asked him to eat her shit. She could see the defeated look on his face but then she was shocked when he agreed to eat it. He had to let him fuck her.

Mistress Kristina wanted her money back from this loser. She had given it to him but he did not do as they had agreed. He was to give it back within a month but it was several months down the line but he did not show signs of giving it back. She had to remind him about the money and she did so using her shit fetish. She got him to eat her poo, and he paid her back.

Mistress Gaia summoned her slave for punishment and she did it cruelly. She used her shit to do it and she knew that if he did not do it, she would have to contend with a slave who was rude and who did not respect her. She made him eat her poo because it was the harshest thing she could do to him. She also had him drink her pee.

Lady Bianc wanted to chase away her slave so she designed a way to do it in an easier way. She wanted to make him run away and the best way for her was to shit on him and to degrade him so much that he felt that the only and best way for him to escape all of that humiliation was to run away. He finally did and she got what she wanted.

Mistress Milana wanted consistency from her slave. And she had tried to talk to him about it for a long time but she did not see any change from him. She was disappointed in him and she forced him to change. She did so using her shit fetish in order to show him how urgent she took the whole issue. She achieved her aim by the time she was done with him.

Mistress Gaia took a shit on this loser after she had turned him into her human toilet. She made him lick the soles of her high heels before she trampled his nuts painfully. She then went back to shit fetish before she felt she had done enough to him and she left him licking his wounds and hoping he was bright enough to learn from his mistakes and change his behavior.

Mistress Milana met this guy at the club and they hit it off. She wanted to find out whether he was as naughty and as kinky as he claimed to be. She invited him to the ladies room and she made him lick her feet, her ass and even eat her shit. That was when she noticed that he was every bit as kinky as he had said. And it was now time to make it up to him and she did.

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