Femdom Toilet - Cruel toilet mistresses use their slaves - Page 14

When his mistress wants to shit, she takes her very special toilet to conserve her good toilet bowl in the bathroom. She has her slave lying on the floor and waiting for the moment she wants to get some relief from her creamy pressure. His mistress prepared a chair to sit comfortably while shitting into his stupid face and only caring about the fact, that he shall catch it all up correctly between his lips and take care of the floor!

The toilet slave is already very hungry and waiting for his two goddesses to feed him. He gets his extra meal, as his wife took a friend of hers to a scat session to try something very dirty. Both mistresses are brimmed and spray their shit in different stiffness around the slave's mouth. From time to time he gets some piss to flush down the turds. Afterwards he has to clean up their sweet little assholes with his nasty tongue!

That's some exemplary type of toilet slave! He swallows every foul turd he receives from his two mistresses absolutely accurate without leaving a mess and properly chews every bit like Christmas chocolate. Furthermore he drinks every single drop of their precious piss like a hero - this example will surely get invited to many more shitting parties with much more women and heavier loads of stinky shit! See what else he has to deal with..

After the two hot girls finished their shooting, they have to go to the toilet. But the studio's without sanitary installation. Who the fuck needs these installations if there's still a slave, lying on the floor? Fortunately they've got a funnel with them, so they stick it into the slave's mouth and start pissing through it, directly into his mouth. He has to swallow all of it, because both ladies are full of pee and need to relief themselves - without making the floor dirty!

Four vicious ladies met for the hell of a scat-party where they share one toilet bowl and one slave beneath it. They let go off some heavy loads straight into his face, and his eyes are covered so that everytime a phat turd hits his mouth or nose is a surprise for him! The ladies shit one after another into the transparent tube that's fixed on his face, until they've built a tower of pure, massive shit.

So, this is your life now! You're lying under Lady Milena's toilet chair as she approaches you, she sticks her high heel boot through the toilet seat and makes you kiss the dirty soles. Then she pulls down her pants, sits down on the toilet chair and immediately starts shitting. Her long turds land in your mouth and you've to swallow them. Your whole face is also covered by her warm piss and in the end she watches you swallowing all of her shit!

Lady Celine's just as beautiful as she's arrogant - and she's used to use worthless males as her slaves. This one's going to be her toilet slave! She puts a toilet stool over his face, sits down on it and starts to piss immediately. For her there's no difference - peeing into a real toilet or a human toilet! But she has more in store for the slave - next she starts to poop as well and quickly fills up the loser's mouth with her shit!

This pervert customer begged this hot Japanese stripper to humiliate him - and damn, she does just that. She starts by puking all over his ugly face, but that's just the beginning! She then drops a huge turd on the customer's chest and another one right into his mouth. She makes him eat the stinky load of scat!

German mistress Rosella is known for her cruel and hard domination - especially when it comes to her toilet slaves. She makes this loser lay down by the stairs and starts by pissing all over his ugly body while standing above him. Then he has to open his mouth as Rosella squats down - and proceeds by shitting into his mouth! He has to chew and swallow the stinky load of shit.

This guy thought he had good luck when his mistress sits down on his face for a facesitting - but he didn't know she had further plans! Once her hot butt is firmly placed on his face she starts farting - but it's getting worse for the slave! The farts are followed by a huge load of wet shit that goes straight into his nose, eyes and mouth - and also covers his whole face soon!

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