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BBW queen unveils the view on an incredibly chubby butt and blesses her toilet slave with a big, fat, evil turd straight into his mouth. Eat that shit, slave! Your mistress has cooked you something very special for today; that acid smell will etch off your gullet! You get the best view on her tasty fat ass and her lovely turd and the emotions her bloody toilet slave is going through!

Santa Claus is well known for eating much shit the whole day! And today is gonna be his feast day, cause both cats decide to shit him their dirty mud right into his face; but the difference between santa claus and other slaves is, he loves to eat this shit ! And he takes all of it and still's craving for more, even if he suffocates. But the ladies scat is especially stinky today, so let's see if he can challenge him today...

Isabella welcomes her slaves that want to eat her scat in reality. She pushes two big turds into her slaves mouth directly from her butthole, and he eats it and loves it.. Mistress Isabella wants to share these videos with all her scat slaves who want to become her human toilet, 'cause she loves shitting on her human toilets. This one gets nearly chocked by the big sausages 'cause he's got a small mouth.. but he tries hard!

Sometimes toilet slaves get shared by their mistress - like this one. His mistress met a new girl in a pub and offers her to try out her human toilet after they talked about fetishes. It's her first time shitting in someone's face and watch him really eating the scat like a meal and now she got filmed. That's a nice try-out and a whole bunch of shit, as his mistress wants to shit on him too, after her new friend did.

A new toilet slave wants to taste the scat of mistress Michelle. Sure she gives him his introduction - but that's not a soft one at all; she shoots her turds straight into his mouth so that he barely can chew before he swallows her shit deep down. Michelle doesn't give him so much attention, at first he has to eat some more shit to prove that he's a functional and well behaved toilet slave!

Whatever she ate, it stinks like hell and surely that's no fun for her toilet slave. She tries to ease her own nose from that acid smell by spaying, but her human toilet's face is buried under her pile of scat and is not allowed to move. Of course he has to eat all of that shit, which makes him suffocate. Not bad for her first time shitting. You also get some slow-motion scenes!

Princess Nikki takes her slave with her to the hotel and uses him as her human toilet, when she wants to piss. While he lies on the carpet, his mistress pisses all over him, and some piss lands on the carpet to flag her district. But her slave didn't see coming that she's all about to shit on him, too. Today she presses out her scat above his mouth and leaves him surprised - yet he has to eat everything of it!

A nice pissparty! One guy gets to handle twenty girls that humiliate him by pissing into his mouth. Meantime the friends go to the pool swimming and come back to the slave to drink their piss again, the drink is a little bit mixed-up with the poolwater that's dripping from their pussies. And after they walk on the outside, they let him lick their dirty shoes when they're finished with pissing.

She told her slave to eat her daily shit obedient and beg for more, no matter if he really wants it or not. She shits him on his face everytime her ass feels the need to do; and this is his only use while he's hand-cuffed and his lazy eggs trapped. He collects her turd on his mouth and eats the scat bit by bit, so that he can handle mistress Mystique's huge pile.

This time you will see what it's like to eat shit for the first time! Mistress Isabella's hot ass is merciless like hell, and she gives him the full load of turd to eat while he's lying directly beneath her asshole, more or less prepared of what is next to come. If you thought he would cope easily, you will now get to know the truth. But no need for Isabella to start slowly.

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