Femdom Toilet - Cruel toilet mistresses use their slaves - Page 35

Wow, this is gonna end up really nasty for the toilet this time. Rachel is loaded to the top and has really bad news for her slave. The moment she releases her heavy load of shit, he can't cope with the amound of her scat anymore. She covers his face with a foul flat cake that smells like a horse shit! He has no chance except of swallowing some of it if he wants to get some air again! But it will not be fresh.

These are two clips in one - a completely strange girl was picked up from the street, so you won't see her face, but her chubby ass to shit for the first time into a human toilet! After she's a little nervous at the beginning, she shits a sweet turd into his face. In part 2 she comes back again with a bigger turd; it's quite a nasty, fat pile of shit for the slave to eat before he cleans up her dirty asshole in the end!

The Cats are optimally entertained at home again, while the weather's shitty outside! Santa Claus has come to town again to receive their dose of shit! Of course they grant him their sweet 'n creamy turds; they shit in turn into his mouth, sometimes more than only once and hive him a nice golden shower to drink. No problem for him to handle, he already craved for it for so long!

She conserved her shit the whole day long, just to give her toilet the full dose of her acid shit today. Mistress Raw Desires sits down on the chair above his face and lets him first smell some of her tasty farts. Shen she shits a huge pile into his mouth that he can eat. To make it easier for him to swallow, she gives him a piss afterwards, because he should have enough time to clean up her asshole with his tongue when she's finished!

It's feeding time again! Princess Nikki prepares the meal for her slave Santa Claus. She shits on a plate and feeds it all to him with a spoon. She brought him a huge pile of her scat and he has to finish the plate completely, which could turn out difficult. But Princess Nikki doesn't want him to ever become wasteful, so he has no choice and has to let the shit stretch his stomach!

This chubby butt will shit the hell out of her intestine! Her asshole is about ten centimeters above her slave's mouth who is lying on the floor and more or less ready to welcome some sweet, acid turds in his mouth. Ebony girl Keisha is a giver and sends him some nice farts into his face, too. He is ordered to eat all of her shit thoroughly as he has no choice anyway.

Looks like tremendous fun! There's only one slave who has to handle twenty women at a pissing party. They use him for everything - every girl pisses in his mouth of course, and he has to drink it all! Some of them let him lick their dirty shoes before they flux it with their piss, and some spit at him. He wanks his dick while he gets abused and tortured!

It's so much fun to torture stupid, overstrained slaves like him. The mistresses make fun of him and his inability to cope with the situation. He doesn't have the balls to defend himself against them and lies helplessly on the floor. Then his mistresses rub their dirty assholes on his face to welcome him to his new fate. After that they shit their acid mud on his chest and comminute it all over his fat, hairy body.

The Scat Cats again ordered Santa Claus to take part in their shit party! Today he has to kneel down and open his hands up for the gift they're about to make - the Cats shit really huge turds into his hands, and he has to eat all of it. You know Santa Claus, he loves that shit - but can he handle such enormous piles?! How did the girls make it?? Plus they give him a full glass of piss he has to drink additionally to flush the shit down his throat!

BBW mistress Raven is a high-weight woman with an unbelievably fat ass. She loves to shit in her slave's mouth and fill it up with her acid scat until his swallowing reflex is overburden. Today he has to clean up her chocolate starfish with his tongue first; and afterwards she places her fat, long turd straight on his tongue. In the end he has to lick her asshole again and clean after shitting!

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