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Lady Yuna was not about to let her slave disobey her the way he had. The mistress wanted to show the loser that she was not the kind of person to be disobeyed and then he gets away with it. So she used her shit to punish him. He had to eat her poo and swallow all of it. And she did not want him to eat it from a plate but rather directly from her asshole.

Mistress Lila could not allow her slave had dinner. At least not the same food she was going to have. The mistress chose to make him take her shit for dinner. She took a shit on his plate and she forced him to eat it. She wanted him to finish his plate and he had no choice. She warned him of dire consequences if he did not do as she ordered.

Mistress Gaia lied to her slave that she wanted them to have some wine. He had been taking her wine without her permission and she did not like it. This was to punish him and she did it by humiliating him. She got him to drink her pee and that was when he realized it was not wine. He learned never to mess with her stuff and then he was allowed to have dinner.

These mistresses did not like how this loser badmouthed them. They did not have any other problem with him and they wondered why he had chosen to badmouth them. He had to be dealt with and the mistresses did this by shitting on him. They wanted to do something crazy once and deal with him forever instead of giving him small punishments. It worked and he never did it again.

Princess Adelaide had never taken a shit on a guy before. She tried it today and she had a great time. The mistress used her sexy ass to do it and she not only took a shit on him but she also took a piss on him. The mistress enjoyed her first time peeing on the loser and she loved it so much that she made it a regular thing.

Princess Nikki does not care how old someone is. All she does is to punish them as long as they need punishing. That is what she did today when this old guy pissed her off. The mistress peed into a glass and she gave this old man to drink. As he drank it, she prepared herself to shit on him, which she did in due course to send a message to him.

Mistress Bianc has crazy friends. They like to make her do crazy things that she has never even thought about. Today the mistresses got her to try femdom toilet. He did not even know what it was. But she found out that they had a slave ready for her and they made her take a poop on him and also pee on the poor guy. She just did it even though she did not feel like it.

Mistress Anna knew this guy was gullible and that was perfect for her as she was planning to shit on him and make him eat her poo. The mistress lured him to her house with promises of having fun with him but he did not get what she promised him. Instead, he had to eat her shit and also lick her asshole. She had turned him into a human toilet paper.

This mistress does not like losers. She had met with a few friends of hers and they were trying to test their slaves and find out which ones were sharp and winners and which ones were losers. Hers was in the losing band and she did not like it. When they got home, she dominated him using shit so as to make him improve himself. She made sure he improved.

Mistress Isabella loves to teach lessons. She is not an official teacher but she takes herself as a teacher and she likes to behave like one. But she is only a teacher when it comes to punishing and teaching lessons and cruel ones at that. She used shit to teach this girl a lesson. The girl had to eat her shit and also drink her pee besides having her hair and her nipples pulled hard.

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