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Mistress Gaia has planned a special dinner for her slave today. She makes him lie down with his head between two boxes, steps on the boxes and squats naked over his face - then she shits right into his open mouth. She takes a massive dump that quickly fills up the slave's mouth and piles up on top of his lips. Then she gets off, wipes her hot ass and watches him as he struggles to swallow her stinky scat.

Padrona Isabella demands that her slaves fulfill a 24/7 service - that includes serving her as a human toilet. The squats over the slave's head in the kitchen and immediately drops a long stinky turd into his wide-open mouth. She hasn't used a toilet in over 48 hours and the slave gets a massive amount of scat from his mistress. After wiping her gorgeous ass she makes sure the slave swallows all of her human waste and thanks her for this gift!

Happy birthday! How do you feel today? This is YOUR day! And you will get a special treatment, that's sure! Do you want to know what I'm going to give you? My gift is a very personal one! It will come from heart. Or better: from my stomach! This shit on a plate is all for you! And I'm going to feed you - only the best treatment for my best slave! :D

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