Femdom Toilet - Cruel toilet mistresses use their slaves - Page 3

This girl loves revenge. When someone does something to her, she does not let it go. She believes in getting even. And that is what she did when this guy snitched on her. She was patient and when an opportunity presented itself, she took it with both hands. She used the guy as her human toilet. She shit into his mouth unapologetic and even shoved it down his throat with her feet when he hesitated.

Mistress Gaia had fun with this guy at the club. But before she invited him over to her house, she told him she only has fun with guys who have big dicks. The guy bragged how big his cock was and she allowed him to follow her home. On reaching home she found out it was not big so she punished him cruelly for lying about it. She made him eat her shit.

Lisa is a hot and kinky mistress. She prides in the fact that she is crazy and weird. Depending on the kind of crazy fun she wants to have, she can either give you your best time ever or your worst time ever. Today, she wanted to try scat fetish and it was this loser's worst time ever. She made him not only eat her shit, but also eat her vomit as well.

Miss Jane and her friend wanted to have fun. They thought about all the things that they should do but most of them were not very appealing. They searched the internet and found something that seemed fascinating - scat fetish. Being hot, they went out and got a loser and had fun making him eat their shit after they lied to him that they wanted to have fun with him.

Mistress Isabella wanted to use the toilet but found that it was broken and needed to be replaced. She was furious that it had not yet been replaced. She punished her slave for the mistake in order to make him be proactive. She used him as a human toilet and pissed into his mouth before she shit into his mouth and forced him to eat all of it. He had no option but to do it. He learned his lesson and had it fixed.

This mistress is great at making scat videos. She has lots of subscribers to her videos and they were demanding another video. It had been long since she released a scat video. So she bowed to pressure from the subscribers and gave them what they wanted. She released a video of her making a slave eat shit directly from her ass. She squatted in front of the slave and shit into his mouth.

This mistress was broke. She went online to look for something to do to make some money. She came across an ad looking for a domina. It didn't look hard so she decided to do it. She had to punish and humiliate a slave for money. And she did it like a pro even if it was her first time. She facesits on the slave and also shits into his mouth. It was fun!

Mistress Gaia knows how to make a guy submit to her. This guy tried to refuse and she did not say anything. She made him undress thinking they would have mind blowing sex and that he had won. But she had other ideas. She pretended to be playing for domination sex but tied him up and humiliated him till he submitted to her. She made him watch her poop and made him eat that poop.

When it comes to scat fetish, this mistress takes the prize. She knows how to humiliate and degrade slaves. She is so good at it that she is paid by other mistresses to humiliate their slaves. This slave had a great dick and before she humiliated him, she sucked his cock first. When she was done, she vomited on him and shit on him and made him eat a mixture of the shit and vomit.

Today Lady Sandy gets visited by her mother. To do her the honor, she makes her slave lick her mother's boots clean and that way introduces her mother to her personal toilet slave. Lady Sandy shows her what else he's able to do - and takes a nice shit on his face. She makes him eat all of her sausage that she's jammed into his throat. Her mother is very excited about this servility!

You get the best view on Nikki's stretched asshole, while she presses out a huge turd to feed her slave! He takes it between his teeth directly out of her asshole and starts chewing to be able to swallow everything he receives. Then she takes a spoon to feed him the rest. To give her slave some extra vitamin, she puts peanuts on her chocolates and laughs from the sickening sight.

After one year of being abstinent, Mistress Isabella's slave finally gets her shit to eat. But he's not used to it anymore, so he kind of has to learn it from the beginning again. Isabella gives him an extra long sausage out of her asshole so that he can swallow it slowly bit by bit to get used to it again. Let's see if this submissive bitch can handle his mistresses shit!

His merciless mistress makes him lie down in the shower and feeds him with shit, that's been for around one (!) week in her intestine! She aims and fires her turds directly from her asshole into his mouth and humiliates the loser beneath her. She takes it even further and drowns him in her urine and her spittle, before she crushes his balls and wants the abject loser bitch to jerk off under the pressure!

Mistress Angie ate a bunch of fast food that day and now shit is knocking on her back door! She invited her friend, mistress Trish, to her house to use her toilet. Both women are really filled up with nasty scat that they push out forcefully out of their assholes to floor the face of their human toilet underneath their asses. His face is soon covered completely with the brown and yellow turds and mush.

It takes a whole lot of scat to feed that number of slaves, but Rosella increases her output by sharing her piss and spit, too. She will bring up 9 slaves here and let you watch everything, so that you know what's awaiting you. She feeds them with fluid shit instead of preparing them slowly. But it's from naught to sixty! Really foul and dirty meal. Do you wanna be the next one?

This guy has traveled far to eat Mistress Gaia's shit. Gaia wants her house slave to take part in it and provide him with even more shit, so that he doesn't get hungry during his visit. While Gaia and her bitch shit him into his dirty mouth, he chews everything pretty thoroughly and Gaia pushes the rest with her rubber glove fingers deeper into his throat. The scat he's craving for turns him on, so that he has to wank while receiving his turds to relieve his buckled cock.

When his mistress wants to shit, she takes her very special toilet to conserve her good toilet bowl in the bathroom. She has her slave lying on the floor and waiting for the moment she wants to get some relief from her creamy pressure. His mistress prepared a chair to sit comfortably while shitting into his stupid face and only caring about the fact, that he shall catch it all up correctly between his lips and take care of the floor!

The toilet slave is already very hungry and waiting for his two goddesses to feed him. He gets his extra meal, as his wife took a friend of hers to a scat session to try something very dirty. Both mistresses are brimmed and spray their shit in different stiffness around the slave's mouth. From time to time he gets some piss to flush down the turds. Afterwards he has to clean up their sweet little assholes with his nasty tongue!

That's some exemplary type of toilet slave! He swallows every foul turd he receives from his two mistresses absolutely accurate without leaving a mess and properly chews every bit like Christmas chocolate. Furthermore he drinks every single drop of their precious piss like a hero - this example will surely get invited to many more shitting parties with much more women and heavier loads of stinky shit! See what else he has to deal with..

After the two hot girls finished their shooting, they have to go to the toilet. But the studio's without sanitary installation. Who the fuck needs these installations if there's still a slave, lying on the floor? Fortunately they've got a funnel with them, so they stick it into the slave's mouth and start pissing through it, directly into his mouth. He has to swallow all of it, because both ladies are full of pee and need to relief themselves - without making the floor dirty!