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Lisa is a hot and kinky mistress. She prides in the fact that she is crazy and weird. Depending on the kind of crazy fun she wants to have, she can either give you your best time ever or your worst time ever. Today, she wanted to try scat fetish and it was this loser's worst time ever. She made him not only eat her shit, but also eat her vomit as well.

Kimi and Domi both need to take a shit - and as they're living out their dominant nature in all aspects of life they'll naturally use their human toilet! The slave has to lie down on the bathroom floor and both girls shit into his mouth. But they not only force him to swallow their shit - they also both puke all over his face and body!

This human toilet will be humiliated very bad! The evil and sadistic ladies Elaise and Jane order him to drink their pee out of a cup at the beginning. Then he gets lot of shit into his mouth. With different toys like a chain whip we order him to swallow everything! The slave is extremely humiliated but the girls won't stop now! To finish the torture Lady Elaisa also vomits onto the slave!

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