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BBW queen unveils the view on an incredibly chubby butt and blesses her toilet slave with a big, fat, evil turd straight into his mouth. Eat that shit, slave! Your mistress has cooked you something very special for today; that acid smell will etch off your gullet! You get the best view on her tasty fat ass and her lovely turd and the emotions her bloody toilet slave is going through!

Santa Claus is well known for eating much shit the whole day! And today is gonna be his feast day, cause both cats decide to shit him their dirty mud right into his face; but the difference between santa claus and other slaves is, he loves to eat this shit ! And he takes all of it and still's craving for more, even if he suffocates. But the ladies scat is especially stinky today, so let's see if he can challenge him today...

She told her slave to eat her daily shit obedient and beg for more, no matter if he really wants it or not. She shits him on his face everytime her ass feels the need to do; and this is his only use while he's hand-cuffed and his lazy eggs trapped. He collects her turd on his mouth and eats the scat bit by bit, so that he can handle mistress Mystique's huge pile.

The doggy has to lie down on the floor, so his mistress can finish his eggs and his wiener until he cries out of pain. He has to open his mouth and lick his mistress' cunt, until she's ready to piss. Give him some good dring, eh! He swallows every drop. And for dessert she shits him straight into his mouth until it spills over from the thin stock. Everything that's landing on the floor will reach his mouth also, she'll take care of that!

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